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10.  Celes  [NaLu, GaLe, Gruvia]

Lucy had been walking around the room for hours, thinking about the situation that she and Natsu had been in yesterday.

"Kiss me" he said. Or better, she thought he said that.  She was so caught up in her fantasy that she didn't notice his shocked expression when she locked her lips with his. He pulled away instantly and asked her why she behaved so weird. He hadn't said anything at all and Lucy imagined his demand. There had never been a more awkward moment between them and they remained silent for the rest of the flight.

When she locked the door behind her, she couldn't help the tears streaming out of her eyes and it felt like her heart ripped in two shreds. The moment was so perfect and because of her, it was ruined. In the blink of an eye, all the excitement and butterflies were replaced by sorrow and false hope. False hope, that he would suddenly meet her and hug her. Tell her that he actually liked it and felt the same way. But what did SHE feel actually? Was it a stupid wave of desire that caught her? Was it a sudden, impulsive action? Or... did she actually have feelings for him? She didn't know at all.

Suddenly, a burning pain shot through her shoulder and she dropped to one knee. A yellow light came from the key she had attached to the strap of her bra.

"What the...?"

"Lucy, listen."

It was the voice of Celes. She didn't know why, but there seemed to be something wrong. His voice was terrifying.

"I don't have much time so shut up and listen to what I have to say. There's something wrong with my portal. It often glows like it does now and it burns me. I noticed that it hurts you too. I don't know why it does that but I think it has something to do with the strange forces around the arena. It's like I'm being forced to come out."

"So... what do you want me to do about it?"

"I'm thinking about letting it have his way."

"WHAT? You're gonna come out?!"

"In a different form. I'll appear as a human, so don't worry."

"A... human? How are you gonna do that?"

"Don't mind the details, prepare yourself. I'm coming out."

And with that, Celes broke through the portal and appeared in a golden flash of light. He was tall, had white spiky hair and yellow eyes. He was muscular and had a scar on the left side of his face. When the light disappeared, she could see the spirit world clothes. His clothes were white and had golden edges. He'd stand out, no doubt. Lucy ran to a closet and picked out more casual clothes for him. Surprisingly, he accepted the clothes and changed. He looked handsome, especially with the normal clothes. It made him look like a normal human.

"I thought you'd appear in a form that was more... you know... that you'd look older."

"I appear, just like the other spirits, in the form that would please the owner."

"Right. Sorry."

"There are more urgent matters that we need to be concerned about.You're probably wondering why I wanted to come out."

Lucy nodded.

"The portal that connects us is not similar to the gates of the other spirits that you posses. My gate is connected to your intuition, feelings and most of all, need."

"I don't quite understand."

"I'll put it this way. I'll be the first to come to your aid if you are in danger. Because..."

He inhaled sharply and Lucy listened very closely.

"When you die, I die."


"It is something unique to my kind. I'm not a real dragon, meaning I don't live on my own. I've wandered millions of years until I felt your presence. I instantly called you and I was relieved you heard it. When I gave you my key, I didn't even realize I was able to make one in the first place."

"So, if you aren't one of the Celestial Spirits, then what are you?"

"You could say I'm a banished spirit, doomed to wander in the spirit world until I find something to hang on to, or someone. My kind, I don't know how to call it, are wanderers. When I felt your magic power, it made me do things that I wasn't even aware of that I could do. I never knew I was a spirit that could have an owner. I guess I acted on instinct."

"So... what now? You're in the human world now and I'm surprised you haven't shown any signs of trouble."

"How so?"

"When a spirit remains in the human world for a long time, they begin experiencing pain and stuff. They aren't made to live in the human world and they eventually fade away. I thought because this is your first time coming here and with that, breaking through the portal on your own free will... I'd expect you to feel pain almost instantly."

"It's weird really. But I can tell you this. When you feel sad, I feel sad. When you're happy, it warms me from the inside. The feeling you just had moments ago was so painful I wanted to know what was bothering you. So from now on, I'll see to your well being."

"I appreciate the offer, but you can't stay here too long. And what will my friends say?"

"I'm human now, my name is Celes and I'm another spirit you obtained in a shop or something."

"But your key stands out too much. It's made of a crystallized mineral."

"You bought it and let it have a special design."

"What about my other spirits? What will they say if they encounter you? They've never seen you in the spiritual world."

"I'm the only spirit that will be present. I'll fight for you from now on and if you wish to summon other spirits, they won't be able to see me or sense my presence. I'll see to that."

"All right... I guess we know what to do from now on."



"Hey Luce! The tournament is gonna..."

The dragon slayer looked at Celes and the tone in his voice dropped tenfold.

"Who are you?"
Here part 10! Don't worry, I'll let GaLe an Gruvia have their moments but this part was essentail to the story! Enjoy!

Part 1: [link]
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picture link: [link]
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