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12. Jealousy

There might have been no problem if it wasn't for the shithead next to him. Natsu saw Celes standing very close to Lucy, like he was her guardian or something. This guy irritated the crap out of him and he swore that he wouldn't hold back if he even sensed the tiniest bit of betrayal. Because, he didn't trust the guy, at all.
Lucy stood there, nervous. He tried to observe her and think about what might bother her. But every time he took a step to talk to her, Celes would come an stand right in front of him so that he had no chance at all of talking to her.

Lucy sighed and let her arms rest on the balcony. She wasn't focused at all and she had the feeling that she wouldn't be any time soon. Thoughts came running in and out of her mind and the constant feeling of Natsu's eyes scanning her, annoyed her a lot. Why was he so oblivious? She didn't mind Celes' company, she actually thanked him for keeping Natsu away from her. But she also knew that this wasn't the right way to deal with the situation.

Celes knew Natsu wasn't pleased by his actions. The dragon slayer was boiling and on the verge of a tantrum. It was rare for the pink haired boy to be distracted from a battle that was going on in front of his nose. Natsu was just too focused watching her.
As he looked at the blonde, he felt some kind of weird feeling in his chest. It was chewing and pulling and it only worsened whenever he repeated the same sentence in his mind.

'Did I make her unhappy?'

He didn't know why, but Lucy was glowing, shining. It was as if she was bathed in a pool of light and all he could see, hear, smell  or feel, was her. The crowd, the guild members, the contestants, the judges, nobody was there, except her. The feeling in his chest tightened and loosened at the same time. He didn't know whether he liked the feeling or not. It was foreign and he didn't know how to deal with it.

Lucy sighed again, her mind was filled and bound to spill by negative thoughts. She liked Natsu, but they were a team. She loved Natsu, but he didn't feel the same way. She thought he was irritating, but he was protective and caring. She couldn't help the tears brimming over.

Celes noticed the girl's change of emotions. He picked her up bridal style and jumped up high in the air. Natsu had enough of this. He followed them and ran up the wall, to the top of one of the castle towers. He noticed the tears as well and he was just about to pull her into a hug when that bastard took her away from him.

He put Lucy down on the roof and sat next to her.

"Lucy, you should not be so vulnerable."

"I-I know. I don't know what's happening to me. I really don't know..."

"Lucy, you are stronger than this. Come here."

He pulled the girl in his lap and stroked her hair. She shivered and cried in the crook of his neck. Whenever she felt like this, he felt the same. He sensed her mood swing immediately and decided to take action before things would go out of hand. He swore to the girl that he would be there for her, and he was.

"C-Celes, what did I do wrong? Maybe I screwed up..."

"Stop that, you know you did nothing wrong.  You are a smart, funny, beautiful girl and you have to stop thinking bad things about yourself. You're perfect and I bet that no one's going to deny that."

"T-Thank you Celes."


The moment Nastu saw her sitting in his lap, he lost it. This anger he felt, was nothing like the rage that had swollen up inside of him before. It was deeper, more like hatred. He wanted to punch the guy to oblivion for acting so familiar around his girl.

Wait... his girl? HIS girl?
Sooooooooo here you are, my darlings. I finished this chapter just for you! <3

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